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How to Present a Show

So you would like to Direct a show at Baldwinsville Theatre Guild?

Thank you for your interest in staging a show with Baldwinsville Theatre Guild!  This page is designed to give you some ideas about what the Board of Baldwinsville Theatre Guild looks for when a show is being proposed to them.  It is not an all-inclusive list, but should give you some ideas about necessary or significant items that the Board looks for. Feel free to include other information as you see fit. 


In the end, before approving a show, the Board likes to be comfortable that:


  1. the show fits their community mission and is appropriate content

  2. the show will not lose money and will preferably make money

  3. the show will fit into BTG’s calendar from both a performance and rehearsal standpoint

  4. the team proposing the show has an excellent chance at successfully staging the show, for example:

    1. there is experience on the team proposing the show

    2. there are the beginnings of a production team in place, with the producer, director, and music director (if necessary) being especially important in this regard.

    3. there is sufficient time to cast, rehearse, and stage the show


The Board is open to discussing a show informally and may be able to help on these items.


Details of the Proposal (click on the Proposal Form Button to submit)

  1. What show, including a brief synopsis, and other information you feel is relevant.

  2. How many people will this involve in the cast?  In the crew?

  3. Proposed timeline, including performance dates/timeframe, audition timeframe, and estimated rehearsal timeline

  4. Any special needs for this show – technical, costuming, staging, etc?

  5. Production crew already committed?  Director? Producer? Stage Manager? Sets? Lighting? Sound? Costuming? (It is not necessary that these all be committed before the proposal).

  6. Proposed Budget – the BTG Treasurer can assist with this. Typically, the Board looks for revenue items of Ticket Sales, Program Advertising, and Concession Sales – other creative income ideas are welcomed (sponsorship, etc.).  Expense items usually include Royalties/Scripts, Costumes, Set Construction, Props, Printing/Postage/Publicity, Lights, Sound. There is also a set fee which BTG incurs from the facility owner for staging a show.


Format of the Proposal


Many different formats have come before BTG, from one-page summaries to multi-page proposals in small binders, from hand-written to print. Pictures of costumes, sets, and even lighting designs have been included, as have resumes of key production personnel – all of that is up to you - the Board has no expectation of an elaborate proposal.


What’s important is:

  1. that the details mentioned earlier are outlined

  2. the team is ready to answer questions when making the proposal


For questions please contact Atten: Colin Keating at

For Submissions email: or submit online.




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