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The Coffeehouse

June 15th at 8pm - 7pm Cocktail Hour

Mohegan Manor

58 Oswego Street, Baldwinsville, NY

$20 Admission

This one-night-only concert brings to life the music some

of America's greatest Singer/Songwriters, James Taylor,

Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne and Carly Simon. 

Colin Keating, BTG's Artistic Director has compiled an evening

of some of the most recognizable songs from these artists

with a top-notch band to boot! 

The preshow cocktail hour will begin at 7pm and the performance begins at 8pm. 

A cash bar will be available throughout the event and dessert

is included in the ticket price.

Featuring: Kristina Abbott, Gary Carpentier, Brianna Jessie & Henry Wilson

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