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The BTG website and social media outlets will be dedicating bi-weekly educational posts about BIPOC theatre, artists and businesses. You’ll see educational posts, interviews and cooperative partnerships with local artists and organizations.

It is the goal of the Baldwinsville Theatre Guild to help educate its members, and the broader community, about the contributions of BIPOC artists and creators and their immeasurable service to the theatre community as a whole. It is the goal of this campaign to create an environment that is inclusive of all voices and respectful of different ideas and opinions. We are here to work towards the best possible version of The Baldwinsville Theatre Guild. We encourage all of our followers to structure their comments in a manner that will help the Baldwinsville Theatre Guild grow into a more equitable and diverse community organization!







History of Black Theater in America

Local Spotlight

Dominique's Dance Creations

3530 Erie Boulevard East, Syracuse, New York 13214

315-928-5334 ddcdance@yahoo.com

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Celebrating Diversity in Theatre

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