Auditions for "The Diviners"


Wednesday Nov. 7th & Thursday Nov. 8th




Presbyterian Education Center

64 Oswego Street, Baldwinsville, NY 

Rehearsals begin 1/20.

Show opens 3/1 and runs for 3 weekends.

Director Krystal Osborne is a boundary pushing, character development driven and ensemble focused director who has directed shows at Adelphi University (LI), The NYC Fringe (NYC), The Looking Glass Theatre (NYC), The Sage Theatre (NYC), The PIT (NYC), KCACTF, The Algonquin Theatre (NYC), Where Eagle's Dare (NYC) and many more. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Any questions can be sent to: baldwinsvilletheatreguild@gmail.comRE: The Diviners

Please bring a thorough calendar of conflicts to the audition. All auditioners are asked to prepare a ONE MINUTE monologue or story telling piece. Auditioners may be asked to read from a provided scene. 

Show Description: 
In the fictional town of Zion during the Great Depression, a widowed farmer is raising his son Buddy, whose brain was damaged at age 4 during a near drowning, in which his mother died trying to save him. The childlike and uncontrollable Buddy has a sweet spirit but is terrified of water, though ironically he has developed an uncanny ability to find water for his drought-besieged farm community. When a disillusioned preacher, C.C. Showers, who left his practice, comes to the farm seeking employment and food, a unique bond develops between the troubled but gifted Buddy and a man who represents salvation to the beleaguered townspeople. C.C. devotes himself to helping Buddy, and his efforts precipitate a startling chain of events.


Character Descriptions:

BUDDY LAYMAN – 17, m. Has the “gift” of water divination, on which the town depends. He is sincere, but slow from an almost drowning as a child which his mother died saving him. Curious, imaginative, innocent.

JENNIE MAE LAYMAN – young 20s, f. Buddy’s sister. Had to take the mother role at a young age. Can be overwhelmed with Buddy but is very protective of him. Gentle, kind, patient.

FERRIS LAYMAN – 30-50s , m. Buddy and Jennie Mae’s Father. Mechanic. Good man but can be serious and worried looking after his children. Still in love with deceased wife. Blames President Hoover for everything that’s wrong in the world.

C.C. SHOWERS – 30s, m. Former preacher from Kentucky. A drifter. Hard worker. Trying to find his sense of purpose. Good, respectful, passionate.

NORMA HENSHAW – 40-50s, f. Owner of the Hoosier Dry-Goods. Over-zealous, spiritual, passionate

DARLENE HENSHAW – 20s, f. Norma’s niece. Has a budding romance with Dewey. Young, naïve, flirty but good.

GOLDIE SHORT – 30s, f. (flexible) Owner of the Dine-Away-Cafe. Sometimes assumes the role of the town “mom”. Pretty but can be pushy. Cares a lot about her business.

BASIL BENNETT – 30s-50s, m. (flexible) A farmer, the local doctor of sorts. Farm isn’t doing well with town’s lack of rain. Man of the Earth, hates technology. Simpleton. Hard worker.

LUELLA BENNET – 30s-50s, f. (flexible) Basil’s wife, a Doubter, skeptical, and critical. Ambitious with good intentions at core. 

MELVIN WILDER – 20s, m. A farmhand. Can be lazy and break rules but still a good person. Assumes the big brother role to Dewey

DEWEY MAPLES – 20s, m. A young farmhand. Wide-eyed. Can be unfocused at times. Shy around girls.

Spring 2019