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Cast & Crew Participation Agreements


Welcome to Baldwinsville Theatre Guild! We are very excited to have you come on board for our production!


As you should be aware, we perform our shows (and have most, if not all, of our rehearsals) at the First Presbyterian Church in their Education Center, next to the chapel. BTG does not own this space. Therefore, it is very important that everyone involved in our shows understand, accept, and respect the guidelines agreed upon by the church and our board of directors. 


Please carefully read over the following participation agreements. The first one is what is expected of you from us (BTG) and the second pertains to the usage of the PEC (Presbyterian Education Center). These two forms should also be reviewed with everyone within the first week of the rehearsal process. If there are any questions, please contact the producer, or any member of the BTG board. 


Thank you, and we are very excited to be working with you!



Baldwinsville Theatre Guild (BTG) Adult Participant Agreement Form

Show Title: ________________________________________________

Rehearsals begin: __________________________________________

Show Dates:________________________________________________


I, ______________________________ (hereby referred to as “participant”), agree to the following terms while participating in the upcoming BTG show (named above), being rehearsed and performed at the Presbyterian Education Center in Baldwinsville, New York.


1. Participant agrees that facilities will be left in the same condition as they were found before leaving the building each and every day. Participant is responsible for all areas used including, but not limited to, stage, backstage, bathroom, dressing rooms, costume rack and seating areas. This includes putting any furniture back in its original position, throwing away all trash and making sure all areas (not including stage) are completely clear of clutter.


2. Absolutely no smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages or use of any other drugs or use or presence of related paraphernalia on church grounds which includes the building, parking lot and green areas. This ban includes smoking and putting the butts and ashes in a can or the like. If you must smoke, you need to leave the church property. No exceptions.


3. Participant will not use any items that are the church’s property (except chairs and furniture in dressing rooms and these are to be used for sitting on only). Items not for BTG use include, but are not limited to, tables in the gym, toys in the gym, items from the classrooms and kitchen items. If in doubt, assume you can’t use it unless you have asked a church official for permission.


4. Any set construction or painting must be done on a vinyl tarp or the like. No spray painting on ground, sidewalks or floors. Only removable tape is to be used on any permanent structures. Only old metal chairs can be used for set construction.


5. Podium and piano are not to be used without permission from the director (who will get it from the church). This includes not putting drinks or other items on these things at any time.


6. Participants are not to use the nursery room or large room with the oriental rug (both are upstairs).


7. Only utility sinks in the boiler room and upstairs closet to be used for paintbrush cleaning.


8. Use of playground equipment is prohibited.


9. All items in common areas must be cleared away after every rehearsal and performance.


10. I understand that failure to abide by these regulations may result in my terminations form this and/or future BTG productions.


I have carefully read the terms above and agree to abide by the conditions outlined for the duration of my participation.


Signature: _________________________________ Date:_____________________

Presbyterian Education Center Usage Checklist for

Baldwinsville Theatre Guild (BTG) Rehearsals and Performances


Prior to use:

  • Production team must meet with church board prior to starting rehearsals to review scheduling, dressing room usage, kitchen usage, any usage requests for non-BTG equipment (such as piano, tables, podium) and to discuss any special requirements of the particular show. They also need to assign a Production Facilities Manager (PFM) at this meeting, which may be the show producer.

  • Producer and director of the show need to ensure that all participants, both cast and crew, are aware of, and have agreed to, usage agreements between BTG and the church as outlined in the Participant Agreement Form (found in BTG production manual). Production team will ensure that all members of the cast and crew sign the agreement prior to the start of rehearsals and file these signed agreements in a safe place for the duration of the show.

  • The PFM is held ultimately responsible for condition of the facility.

  • If the PFM is unavailable for any reason to attend a rehearsals or performances, a substitute must be found and must attend.

  • Problems or concerns need to be reported immediately to: Rush Pond or Al Winegard (numbers available upon request)


While in use:

  • Be aware of any safety concerns and address them immediately.

  • Ensure electrical wires are plugged into appropriate sockets.

  • Ensure flammable materials are clear of electrical connections and lighting.

  • Ensure church equipment is being used in the agreed upon matter (chairs, tables, piano, podium, etc.). Use of these items, if necessary, must be discussed and agreed on by the church prior to commencement of rehearsals.

  • Are the designated PEC rooms being used in the agreed upon matter (i.e. dressing rooms, kitchen and rest rooms).

  • Ensure that only utility sinks are being used for cleaning purposes.

  • Ensure that floors/grounds are being protected appropriately during set production.

  • Ensure that only removable tape is being used on permanent surfaces.

  • At least one designated adult must be in attendance during all rehearsals and performances of any show involving children for the sole purpose of monitoring said children. This needs to be arranged well ahead of all rehearsals and performances so there are no gaps. This must be an individual other than the producer, director and may not be a cast or crewmember. It can be a parent of one of the children, but the individual will be responsible for all attendant children. Children of any age, either in the show or children of cast or crew members, are not allowed to use the play equipment in the gym or elsewhere in the facility. It is the job of the designated adult to ensure this is carried out. The PFM is ultimately responsible that this is carried out.

  • BTG will maintain and use its own stash of cleaning supplies.

Prior to leaving the building:

  • All hallways and emergency exits will be completely clear before BTG leaves the building for the day.

  • The PFM needs to perform a complete sweep of building before exiting and locking the building. Including but not limited to, picking up all trash, closing and locking all windows, returning any moved furniture to its original position, locking the sound booth, making sure clothes racks are tidy and off to the side, turning off all lights, ensuring all halls are clear and doorways are clear of any Guild items and that all other people have left. PFM will be the last person to leave the building each day.


I have carefully read the terms above and agree to carry out the expectations outlined above for the duration of this show.


Participant Name: __________________________________ Participant Signature: _____________________________________________


Name of Show: ________________________________________________    Today's Date: ____________


Dates PEC facility will be in use for this show (range): _____________________________________________________________________


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