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Graduates Holding Diplomas


The Baldwinsville Theatre Guild proudly presents a monetary scholarship each

year to a student who has shown dedication, perseverance and steadfast contribution

to the theatre arts in Central New York and The Baldwinsville Theatre Guild.

Eligible students must be from Central New York.

Applications are due 4/15/2023






For consideration, students must:


1. complete the application (including a short essay)

2. Upload transcripts

3. Provide the name and contact info for their guidance counselor

(this information is all provided within the application during submission online)

Since its inception, through the generous support of those attending our performances,

the Guild has been able to provide over $30,000 in scholarships. 


Below are our most recent recipients:




















2021 David Hoy and Kaitlyn Coomes

2020 Carter Galle and Sydney Woods

2019 Caleb Butchko 

2018 Vanessa Vacanti and Jessica Mullins

2017 Abby Weigand and Aaron DuBois 

2016 Lily Coots

2015 Aaron Callard and Cecilia Vacanti 

2014 Michael Stapleton and Brendan O'Toole 

2013 Julianna Grabowski

 2012 Sean Honsinger 

2011 Daniel Mularney 

2010 Brian Scott & Molly Makowiec

2009 Zachary Rich


Professionals will tell you that the Theater/Arts is like a gym for the mind, body and soul. 

It’s where people can go to expand their soul muscles of compassion, in addition to

engaging listening and understanding skills.  It’s where characters, who may not be just

like those in the audience, portray a situation that challenges one to think differently.


When children go to the theater, they learn about the world, practice empathy, and of course are entertained. 

Here are some other interesting facts about the impact that Theater/Arts have on Children:

  • Students involved in drama performance scored an average of 65.5 points higher on the verbal component and 35.5 points higher in the math component of the SAT

  • Students who took courses in drama study or appreciation scored, on average, 55 points higher on verbal and 26 points higher on math than their non-arts classmates.

  • Drama helps to improve school attendance and even reduces high school dropout rates

  • A series of studies on the arts and education revealed a consistent causal link between performing texts in the classroom and the improvement of a variety of verbal skills, including especially significant increases in story recall and understanding of written material.

  • Drama can improve reading skills and comprehension better than many other activities.

  • High school students who are highly involved in drama demonstrate an elevated self-concept over those who are not involved .

  • Playwriting original works and dramatic presentation of existing works can help to build the self-esteem and communication skills of high school students.

When attending one of our performances, during our intermission,

you will have the opportunity to help continue to keep Theater Arts alive in our community;

by participating in our Scholarship raffle.  All of the proceeds will go towards our scholarship.

The winner will receive for two complimentary tickets to our next show. 

Raffle tickets are ONE for $1 or SIX for $5. 

Please consider this worthy cause by purchasing a ticket during intermission.

Or you can donate on-line.



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